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One of our school nurses, Mrs. Michaelyn Bellelo, RN, and Ms. Amy Johnson, RN is in the office from 7:15am - 3:15pm daily. They can be contacted at    Click here to access the student health portal. 

Campus Safety

St. Aloysius School is equipped with security cameras throughout the campus. A sheriff's deputy is on campus during each school day.  Teachers are equipped with walkie talkies for emergency communication. Students who arrive to campus on Mimosa Street are escorted by a crossing guard at arrival and dismissal.

Parents who are not Child Protection Certified


As a school, we are required to ensure that all employees and volunteers have a background check that includes fingerprinting. If you are interested in becoming Child Protection certified, please contact
Edie Boudreaux ( to obtain a packet. If you were certified through the church, please contact 
Edie Boudreaux to have your certification added to the school and to verify your status.


Child Protection Volunteer Letter and Application