Home and School Committee

The SAS Home & School Committee furthers the school’s vision through a flexible combination of volunteer ministry, education, and special events. A core leadership of three parent volunteers commits to three years of staggered service operating the Home & School Committee by overseeing the efforts of various subcommittees and acting as liaisons between the subcommittees and the administration as needed.  With over 20 volunteer subcommittees, SAS parents are given varied opportunities to serve in school activities, meet other parents, and become active participants in the school’s community.  Parents involved in H&S support the school’s mission and collaborate with St. Aloysius School to provide the extra support that goes into "educating the whole child in the Catholic tradition for a life of meaning and purpose". We are so grateful for the hundreds of parents who have signed up to participate in the Home & School efforts and encourage others to become a part of this volunteer program! Be on the lookout for the annual sign-up for H&S subcommittees in the summer, but please know that you can sign-up for any subcommittee at any time during the year by contacting the H&S Committee.  The H&S Committee can be reached by email at the following address:  sas.home.and.school.committee@gmail.com


See list of Subcommittee Volunteer Opportunities here. 

See the Structure of Subcommittees here. 

Alaina Rowley,  Chairperson
Tam Bourgeois, Assistant Chairperson
Emily Beach, Assistant Chairperson

School Advisory Committee

The purpose of the advisory committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and Principal and further the mission of St. Aloysius School in a manner consistent with Diocesan and state guidelines and directives so that students may be educated in the Catholic tradition for a life of meaning and purpose. Each parent brings to us a specialty from their daily lives and shares this
wisdom with our school. 


The Principal and Pastor appoint members for a term of three years.

We hope you share constructive suggestions with our committee members to enhance our meeting discussions. Please remember that speaking with a committee member about a school issue does not replace taking a concern to your child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or Administration.

School Advisory Committee Members 2020-2021

Fr. Randy Cuevas, Pastor

Erin Candilora, Principal

Mary Dawson, Development Director

Danilelle Clapinski– Term Ends 2021

5th and 8th grade, Parent, Parishioner

Specialty - Finance


Ian Dallimore– Term Ends 2023

3rd grade and 1st grade, Parent, Parishioner

Specialty – Public Relations


Drew Fourrier– Term Ends 2021

6th grade, Parent, Parishioner

Specialty - Safety


Ann Michael Lagarde– Term Ends 2021

2nd grade and 6th grade, Parent, Parishioner

Specialty – Finance and Technology


Blythe Lamonica– Term Ends 2022

5th and 7th grade, Parent, Parishioner

Specialty – Public Relations

Melanie Lemoine– Term Ends 2023

3rd and 7th grade, Parent, Parishioner

Specialty – Education and Technology

Becky Maher– Term Ends 2023

7th grade, Parent, Parishioner

Specialty - Marketing


Luke LeBoeuf – Term Ends 2021

Former Parent, Parishioner

Specialty - Technology


Brannon Periloux, M.D.- Term Ends 2023

Former Parent, Parishioner, & Pediatrician

Specialty – Health and Safety

Special Consultant during Pandemic

Chris Funes, M.D.

7th grade, Parent, Parishioner, & Pediatrician