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Our Aftercare Program provides care for children enrolled in St. Aloysius School, and only operates on days when school is in session.

If you are interested in registering for our aftercare program, click here

If at any time during the year, a change in the type of Aftercare program is needed, please email the Director, at


Registration for the 2021-2022 Aftercare Program:

In order to complete the Aftercare registration process and to ensure you reserve your student’s placement for the 2021-2022 school year, the registration fee of $50 per child must be paid at the time of registration.  St Aloysius School will NOT accept cash or personal checks.  All payments must be made electronically with a credit card through the link to the portal that will be sent out on April 14, 2021 via email.  

Aftercare Program Payment Options:

                                                              ANNUAL  FEE       SEMESTER


Program A:  2:55 – 4:30 pm         $800.00                         $400.00

Program B: 2:55 – 5:30 pm          $1,000.00                      $500.00

Registration Fee of $50, per child, due at time of registration (nonrefundable)


Aftercare Hours:

Aftercare will begin on the first day of school for 1st – 8th grade, and will begin on the first full day of school for PreK and K. The program operates from 2:55 until 5:30 pm. Students can be picked up from Aftercare starting at 3:25 pm, AFTER regular carpool dismissal has finished.  If you need to pick up your child before this time, we ask that you to send them home via regular carpool instead.  We will not be able to accommodate any early pick-ups.

Pick-up Procedure:

We will be following the same carpool protocol that the school has set up during regular dismissal time.  All families will come to the Main Office parking lot to pick up children (Off of Mimosa Street), and will remain in the car until the student arrives.

As stated in the parent letter, each family will receive an email containing their family carpool number.  We ask that you fold a piece of white cardstock in half and write your family number in black marker.  Place this in the dashboard of your car upon arrival at extension carpool.  Students will be called to the carpool line according to the family number.

You will need to share this number with anyone that is authorized to pick up your child.  If someone arrives to pick up a student without a carpool tag, they will be asked to park and wait until we can call to confirm they are on your authorized list.

Face Coverings: 

All faculty, counselors and students in grades 3 - 8 will be required to wear a face covering during extension hours. Medical Condition: If your child has a medical condition that requires them not to wear a mask we will require a doctor's note.

After Care Groups:

Grade levels will operate as a “family” to limit contact with other grade levels. Students will eat and play in designated areas for that grade level.

Food Allergy/Nut Policy:

Food and Allergy Policy: St. Aloysius Catholic School is concerned with the safety and well-being of all its students. Due to the limitation of space during the Covid-19 pandemic, ALL types of loose nuts, peanut butter, almond butter, nutella, peanut butter crackers, and any type of nut product is prohibited on the school campus. No school can be completely allergen-free (e.g."peanut-free"), but our school does wish to partner with parents to be prepared in appropriate management and care of students with severe allergies. In order to protect our students who suffer from food/drink allergies and food/drink related illnesses while still allowing the opportunity for all to enjoy school traditions and celebrations, the Covid-19 Food and Allergy Policy will be enforced regarding all food and drink to be consumed on campus or in classrooms. A product called SunButter is available and might be an alternative to nut butter products. It is made from sunflower and the cafeteria has used it in the past as an alternative to peanut butter. St. Aloysius Catholic School will hopefully be able to return to the previous policy of allowing nut butter when we are not space restricted from this pandemic.

Lost Items:

Any items that are left at Aftercare will need to be picked up the following day.  Parents will not be able to come on campus to look for any forgotten items.