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Thank you for your interest in St. Aloysius Catholic School. 

St. Aloysius School, a ministry of St. Aloysius Parish, shares in the educational mission of our parish.  The primary purpose of St. Aloysius School is to assist families in their role of passing on the faith by providing religious education, spiritual formation, and a Christian learning environment for the children of our parish.


St. Aloysius Church families who are active in the practice of their faith by their Stewardship of Prayer, Offering, and Ministry receive first priority for admission to St. Aloysius School and for the in-parish tuition rate established by the school.  Stewardship of Prayer includes regular participation in the faith life of St. Aloysius through prayer and worship.  Stewardship of Offering includes contributions made in a regular, consistent (weekly or monthly) manner through the use of stewardship envelopes according to financial ability.  Stewardship of Ministry includes participation in ministry through works of service in parish, home, and community.

School Tours

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Social Media
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