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Development Program

The Development Program was founded at St. Aloysius School in 1984, being the first elementary school in the Diocese of Baton Rouge to found such a program. The objectives of the program include:


  • To emphasize the mission of the school

  • To develop a broader base of people involvement

  • To secure financial support for the school


Two funds are used to accomplish the objectives. The Development Fund and The Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is a long-term growth fund. It also houses the Teacher’s Salary Enhancement Fund. Both funds are built by donations through the Annual Appeal, memorial gifts, gifts to specific scholarships funds, special gifts (stocks), and planned giving.

The Annual Appeal

The Annual Appeal is a yearly campaign sponsored by the Development Office to seek additional funds for the school and is both long term and current in nature. The Annual Appeal gifts are recognized throughout the entire school fiscal year,
July 1 – June 30. The focus of appeal funds may vary from year to year.


Innumerable projects have been completed through the Annual Appeal under the direction of the Development Program. The yearly appeal focuses the generosity into two major categories: to build the Endowment and to provide classroom enhancements.  The following is a partial list:

  • Establishment of a Computer Lab

  • Establishment of a STREAM Lab

  • Establishment of an Art program

  • Grant awards from various companies and industries

  • Extensive purchases of educational enhancements and supplies

  • Furniture, fixtures, equipment, and capital expenditures for the school buildings

The following donors are graciously acknowledged for their generous donations to the Annual Appeal as of May 18, 2023.


Bev and Wes Adams

Leigh and Richie Adams

Rachel and James Alcock

Laura Boudreaux and Anthony Alfonso

Sheila and Richard Alwood

Martha and Frederic Amman

Lauren and Adam Andrews

Angela and Dewey Angelloz

Vincent Arbour, III

Cheryl and Cornel Arceneaux

Sebastian and Jackson Ashton

Aimee' and Chad Aultman

Camille Avery

Katie and Ryan Babin

James and Nancy Babington

Marion Bahlinger

Barbara and Larry Bahlinger

Margaret Baier

Jennifer Bailey

Karyn Bailey

Nancy and Robert Baldridge

Sandra and Bill Balhoff

Denise and Ronny Ball

Janell and Paul Bannon

Carol and Winky Barback

Terri Barbay

Nancy and Lionel Barber

Anna Kathryn and Doug Barber

Kari and Anderson Barber

Katie Bares

Tanya and Allen Bares

Dottie and Melvin Barnett

Crystal and Adam Barzare

Monee and Biff Bayard

Raye Beck

Lesley Beckers

Kate and Charles Becnel

Michaelyn Bellelo

Beverly Bellows

Farrah and Derek Benedetto

Debra Bennett

Jodie Benton

Debbie and Sheard Ber

Kimberly and Myles Bergeron

Lester Bergeron

Ady Bergeron

Laurie and Charles Besselman

Frances Beverly

John Bilisoly

Leigh-Anne and William Biossat

Mickel and Leo Blaize

Joni and James Blakeman

Anne Blanchard

Marilyn and Phil Bohan

Elaine Bologna

Jeanie and David Bondy

Jacie and Trent Bondy

Jennifer and Kevin Boneno

Beth Bordelon

Edie Boudreaux

Angele and Michael Bourg

Tam and Richard Bourgeois

Judy and Vince Brenner

Madeline and Ricky Brewer

Lauren O’Brien

Karen and Frank Briganti

Holle and Donald Briskman

Lauren and Joseph Britt

Cathey Broussard

Dawn Broussard

Cindy and Steve Brown

Tiffany Brown

Sandy and Greg Brown

Catherine and Thomas Brown

Marcy and Joseph Brown

Shani Brown

Jamie Broyles

Joe Broyles

Sharon and Richard Bundy

Amy and Brandon Burris

Leigh Ann and Eric Burton

Laura and Ryan Busbice

Maia and Tom Butler

Leigh Ann and Daniel Butler

Mimi Caballero

Anne and David Calhoun

Erin Candilora

Mollie and Gaston Carby

Megan and Philip Cardaro

Anne and Steve Carville

Rose and Ronald Champagne

Phyllis Champagne

Susan Chappell

Ashley and Neil Chappell

Kendra and Donny Charbonnet

Bonnie and John Chavanne

Linda and Brian Chustz

Rachel and Michael Chustz

Kittean Clark

Mary and Drew Clement

Sam Coates

Alana and Chad Coates

Douglas Cochran

Ann Coco

James Coerver

Steven Cohan

Charles Colvin

Ann and Larry Cook

Kathy Cook

Elaine and Donald Cook

Kandi and Stephen Corte

Stephanie Coxe

Sarah and Richard Creed, Jr.

Sarah and Richard Creed, Jr.

Richard Creed, III

Susan and Michael Cresap

Carlie and Bradley Cresse

Beth and Matt Cronin

Brenda and Leslie Cross

AnaMaria Cuadra

Father Randy Cuevas

Kristie and Brett Culpepper

Rachel and Laura Dale

Alvin Dauenhauer

Susan Davidson

Anne and Peter Davis

Nancy and Joe Dawson

Rosarita Nicosia and Tony De Falco

Mary T and Jim deBrueys

Jenell Decuir

Diane Derbins

Martha Devlin

Billie Dimattia

Phillip Dimattia

Maureen and Chris Dippel

Thuytien Do

Jace and Buster Dobrowolski

Thomas Dobrowolski

Cristin Dobrowolski

Cathryn Dobrowolski

Matthew Doiron

Margot and Jeff Donnes

Amber and Jacob Donnes

Stephanie Doolittle

Melissa and Anderson Dotson

Hannah Douglas

Jesse and Patrick Downs

Michelle Dozier

Lauren and Tim Dubnansky

Ginger and Johnny Dunaway

Nancy and Terry Dupuy

Sherri Dupuy

Addie and Claiborne Duval

Lisa and Ralph Dyer

Cristyn and Lane Dyess

Wren and Bernie Eagleton

Elizabeth and Taylor Edgens

Karen and Charles Edwards

Becky and Chris Eldredge

Debra and George Eldredge

Becky and Chris Eldredge

Susanne and Richard Ellis

Janet and Richard Ely

Ellen and Mark Engemann

Maggie and Patrick Engemann

Karen England

Kathy Entes

Connie Errickson

Natalie and Bart Evans

Anne Evans

Jo Ann and Michael Falgoust

Lindsay and Scott Falgoust

Donna and Crayton Fargason

Rachel and Jonathan Farmer

Ellen Farr

Blanche and Jedd Faulk

Art Favre

Charlene Favre

Renee Ferguson

Alana and Keith Fernandez

Rose Marie and Johnny Fife

Joan Flint

Tiffany Fontana

Jan and Dennis Fontenot

Kathryn and Dexter Fontenot

Mike and Ashley Fontenot

Benny Fontenot

Lindsey and Derek Foret

Nancy and Jerry Fourrier

Mandy and Drew Fourrier

Elizabeth and Nathan Fourrier

Andre Fourrier

Elinor Frantz

Joan and Charles Freel

Sherilyn and Cliff Friedman

Bradley and Jerry Friedrichs

Cheryl Frost

Katie Frost

Julie and Gary Fuller

Ann Funes

Kelsey and Chris Funes

Carmenza and Ronaldo Funes

Shawna and Dan Gardiner

Donna and Mark Garon

Lisa and Andy Gaudiano

Hillary and Jason Gelpi

Maria and Patrick Gensler

Vickie Giamalva

Deborah and Vance Gibbs

Olivia Gilcrease

Fran and Buck Gladden

Sharon and David Glenn

Susie and Ben Glueck

Donna and Daryl Glueck

Lee Goebel

Katherine Gold

Lauren Golleher

Jo Gomez

Stephanie Gonthier

Katie and Gavin Goodlife

Christine and Taylor Graham

Leslie and A.C. Grand

Stephanie Granger

Amanda Granier

Stacie Granier

Sarah Greco

Brenda Gremillion

Neysa and Mike Gremillion

Darren Gremillion

Kristy and Morgan Gremillion

Alice Griffith

Ann and Rob Guercio

Blair and Rhaoul Guillaume

Nancy and Jerry Guillot

Taylor and John Gulotta

Krista and John Haefner

Mary and John Hagewood

Quanah and Christian Hall

Jeanie and Lewis Hannaman

Carolyn Hargrave

Crystal Harmon

Sue and Jay Harney

Mary Eleanor and Lanny Harris

Camille Harrison

Toni and Scott Hayes

Gay Hebert

Lillie and Terry Hebert

Jana and Michael Hebert

Monica Heitman

Brandi and Stephen Hernandez

Camille Herring

Emily and Chris Hester

Diana Hetzler

Lauren and Carlos Hidalgo

Shyla and Garrett Hiebert

Vicki Hill

Carol Hill

Brigid and Eddie Himel

Natalie and Jerry Himmel

Jan and Roger Hinson

Alice and Pete Hirschey

Jeannie Hodges

Kathy and Jim Hoffman

Kay and Herschel Hoffpauir

Allison and Erik Hoffpauir

Angela Holley

Hollea and Stephen Holliday

Jessica and Walter Huffman

Nancy and Scott Hupperich

Teresa Hyfield

Amanda and Guy Hymel

Christy Jackson

Glenda Jackson

Judy Jackson

Marsha and Stephen Jacob

Juanita and Ken Jacob

Laurie and Matthew Jennings

Martha and John Jewell

Emily and Rob Jewell

Amy Johnson

Marie and Brett Johnson

Liz and Jay Jolly

Theresa and Matthew Jones

Kelley and Chris Jones

Missy Jones

Robin and Dusty Jumonville

Patrick Kane

Jeanette and Celestin Kasongo

Rudy Kayda

Cary and Ric Kearny

Sharon and Robert Keaton

Nancy and Chris Keaton

Stacey Keaton

Tricia and Chris Kelehan

Jeri and David Kelly

Charel and Preston Kennedy

Elise and Bahij Khuri

Jan Kleiner

Debbie and Kevin Knobloch

Kayla and Richard Kucharchuk

Frankie and Michael LaBorde

Patricia LaBruyere

Pamela and Darrell Lakvold

Amy and Brad Lambert

Dianne and Ray Lamonica

Whitney and Matthew LaNasa

Chris and Tony Lanata

Suzanne Landry

Valerie and Adrian Landry

Johanna and Mitchell Lasseigne

Jessica and Jason Lassiter

Cherie and Shaun Lato

Kaye Lato

Katherine and Daniel LaVie

Laurie and John Laville

Maris LeBlanc

Chris LeBlanc

Betty and Michael LeBlanc

Aimee LeBlanc

Wendy LeBlanc

Beverly and George Lee

Marla Lefeve

Patrice LeJeune

Joanna Lemoine

Holly and Charles Leonard

Patty and Louis Leonards

Nancy and Mark Levert

Kathryn and Ron Lewis

Katherine and Kris Lindsay

Laurianne and Damon Lipari

Sally Lofland

Frances and Daniel Lopez

Kristen and Daniel Losavio

Margy and Ben Loup

Jodi and Matt Loup

Peggy and Bradley Lowe

Mady and Ed Lundin

Kayla and Ward Lundin

Johnny Luneau

Kimberly and Brandon Mackey

Renee and Paul Major

Sharon Mannino

Natasha Mapp

Jill and Donovan Marbury

Cherie and BG March

Stacy and Jonathan Martin

Donna Martin

Jerry Martin

Angelle and Zach Martin

Darlene and Henry Martinez

Maria and Brad Mathews

Trudy and Gary Matthews

Brandi Matthis

Natalie and Jason Maxwell

Molly and Taylor Mayeux

Robin Mayhall

Nancy and John McCabe

Lorraine and Scott McCormick

Kay and Clark McLellan

Gina and Mark McNemar

Anne and Tom Meek

Cathy Melanson

Sheila and Ron Messina

Amanda Messina

Mark Messina

Erin and Jeff Meyers

Debbie Michael

Judi and Leo Mickenheim

Lauren and Jason Mickenheim

Cary and Rolfe Miller

Ellen Miller

Michael Miller

Sherry and Robert Miller

Penny Milligan

Rebecca and Rene Milligan

Carole and Ed Milner

Emily and Jason Miranda

Dawn and Jeff Mire

Arline and Sam Mistretta

Caroline and Paul Mladenka

Katy and David Moll

Lettie and Rodney Moll

Lisa Mongrue

Phyllis Montalbano

Montgomery and Waggenspack Architects

Jennifer Moore

Lisa Moore

Tami and Mike Moran

Alejandra Moreno

Patience and Carlos Moreno

Penny and Ernie Moser

Mercie and Greg Moser

Samantha and Stephen Moses

Carolyn Murphy

Bethany and Jeff Murray

Laura Naquin

Tori and Chris Naquin

Joan Nauman

Suzy Nelson

Donna and Richard Newman

Laura Normand

Mary Ann and Rick Nowlin

Paulette and Mike O'Brien

Diane and Bland O'Connor

Marvin and Louis Olinde

Cheryl and Beau Olinde

Patrice Oncale

Grace Ann and Michael Ourso

Cindy and Bobby Overall

Aimee and Paul Pacanovsky

Susan and Richard Parker

Kristin and Michael Pasquier

Anne and Jeff Patin

Jane Patout

Peggy and Chuck Patout

Lisa Pecquet

Betsy and Ed Peneguy

Stephanie Peneguy

Laura and Wesley Penn

Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation

Blair and Jonathan Percle

Amy Perret

Jacqueline and Brian Perry

Lacee Perry

Ninette Perry

Fran and John Perry

Terry and David Persac

Lori and Geoffrey Peters

Janice and Vernon Pfister

Allison and Minh-Tuan Pham

Suu and Thu Phan

Michael Phillips

James Pierson, III

Trish Piland

Erica and Blake Pino

Christina and Ransom Pipes

Amilie and Brent Pipsair

Rachel and Joshua Pitre

Sara and Joseph Pitz

Andrew Pizzo

Alcia and Randy Plaisance

Laura and Jay Poche'

Bill Poche'

Belinda and Chris Porche

Kami and Stephen Powell

Lucile Prejean

Kate and Paul Prejean

Samantha and Nicholas Rauber

Charles Reed

Amanda Register

Luann and Jonathan Reise

Jennifer Rentz

Beverly Richard

Elizabeth and David Richard

Carla and Byron Richard

Allison and Brady Richard

Vicki and Bo Richardson

Bud Richey

Cherry and Barry Riggs

Melissa and Scott Ritter

Larry Rivet

Laura and James Roberts

Karen Robillard

Brennan and Brian Rodriguez

Judy Roger

Patricia Rogers

Jeannette and Mike Rolfsen

Kristy Robique

Meredith and Christopher Rouse

Lindsey and Blake Roussel

Ashley and Scott Roussel

Alaina and Eric Rowley

Marie and Richard Ruggiero

Carol Rush

Olivia and Craig Sabottke

Cynthia and Victor Sages

Kristin and Clint Sandefer

Judy and Judson Sanders

Irene Sanders

Anne and Craig Saporito

Anita and Vic Saucier

Carol and Tony Savoie

Bill Scheffy

Lacey and Clint Schonacher

Margaret and Robert Schonberg

Jamie and Roland Self

April and Martin Setliff

Brook and Erik Showalter

Rupi Sidhu

Mark Simmons

Aimee and Chip Simon

Laskmi and Lance Singleton

Linda and Robert Skapura

Renee and Thomas Skinner

Natalie Sloan

Paula and Coy Smith

Heidi and Brad Smith

Carol and Jeff Smith

Laurie Snaith

Lisa and Jeremy Songne'

Abbie and Nick Speyrer

Michelle and Stewart Spielman

Mellisa and Brandon St. Amant

Lisa and Brad St. Germain

Shelby and Timothy St. Romain

Nancy and Paul Staid

Stephanie Stalter

Claire and Jonathan Stephens

Cathy and Ross Stephens

Ann and David Strange

Elaine and Theodore Strenski

Moo and Martin Svendson

Denise Sykes

Kristen and Jacob Talbot

Ellen and Thomas Tanner

Ashley and Joshua Tassin

Jellessica Tate

Adrienne and Bob Taylor

Sarah Teague

Sacha and Paul Tessier

Meg and Michael Thomassie

Kelley Thompson

Alexis and Bud Thompson

Catherine and Bruce Thompson

MaryBeth Tolson

Larry Toups

Paula and Joseph Toups

Molly Town

Rachel Town

Jeanne and Art Tribou

John Turner

Robert Turner

Cookie and Kerry Uffman

Betty and Ryan Uzee

Charles Valluzzo

Linda Varnau

Eva and Mark Ventress

Jennifer Viator

Laura and Parker Vidrine

Sandy and Steve Vidrine

Gwen Viguerie

Roena Vlahos

Merritt and Jim Voitier

Monica and Eric Waechter

Lynda and Hubert Waguespack

Monica and Lance Walker

Lauren and Jonathan Walker

Erin and Patrick Walker

Sadie and Don Walker

Rebecca and Myron Walker

Anna and Mackie Wall

Norma and Ed Walters

Becky and Keitt Wannamaker

Lisa Watson

Angela Byrd and Eric Weil

Cheryl Welborn

Erin and Michael Welch

Vita Wendt

Patricia Whitaker

Dana and Michael Wilhelm

Toni and Michael Wilson

Laura and Trevor Wilson

Colleen and Robert Winkler

Nicole Wintz

Debbie and Daniel Wolf

Shelley and Harris Zeringue

Katie and Matt Zylicz

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